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Josh Sroufe
Professional Profile

Work Experience

Director, Design

Pulse Labs • Sacramento, CA • Oct 2020–Present
Currently, I am helping lead product direction and design for Pulse Labs' flagship testing platform. Striving to bring new research methods to more places that have historically been impractical, if not impossible, to obtain valuable and accurate research data at scale.

Senior Product Designer

HouseCanary • San Francisco, CA • Aug 2018–Apr 2020
As the Senior Product Designer, it was important to apply research-based principles to drive the design of products that fully support end-user needs while also achieving the business vision. I lead the interface design processes creating visualizations, storyboards, task flows, wireframes, high-fidelity mockups, and prototypes.
  • Designed with engineering in mind - Created designs that leveraged reusable components when possible.
  • Led enterprise UX efforts on innovative business intelligence systems, researching and designing new IA, data visualizations, and end-user interactions related to large data sets.
  • Spearheaded enterprise UX on new innovative web-product offerings, coordinated all UX related efforts and led all research and design.
  • Created and maintained design systems, usage documentation, and other supplemental items for other designers to utilize.

Lead UX/UI Designer

Clear Capital • Roseville, CA • May 2015–Aug 2018
As the Lead UX/UI Designer, I was required to have an eye for clean and artful design. Provide speedy and accurate direction and feedback to the entire design team. Possess superior UI and UX skills and be able to translate high-level requirements into beautiful, intuitive, and functional interaction flows and artifacts.
  • Led design efforts for Platform and Data Products.
  • Provided design direction to design team for all products.
  • Created, managed and maintained style guide for company.
  • Designed wireframes, high fidelity mocks, and prototypes for the engineering team.
  • Created custom graphics and interfaces that solved intricate UX problems.
  • Updated code to finalize polish using Angular, JavaScript, LESS, & HTML.

Visual Designer & Developer

Apple Inc. • Elk Grove, CA • Jun 2007–May 2015
Initiated the MyPath pilot program which was tasked with producing a career development solution focusing on career-path planning, goal setting, coaching, feedback, and developmental improvements for AppleCare employees.
  • Formulated project proposal and interactive slide deck walk-through.
  • Pitched to senior management and tasked to build tool from the ground up.
  • Developed interactive web tool using PHP, Javascript, HTML & CSS.
  • Designed wireframes, high fidelity mocks, and prototypes to validate usability.
  • Created graphics and resources using Adobe Creative Suite.
Was singled out by the Forecast Analyst team in Apple headquarters to build a reporting tool for executives which generated reports comprised of collected data recorded by individual analysts.
  • Crafted tool using PHP, JavaScript, HTML & CSS.
  • Produced site graphics using Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator.
  • Improved executive slide deck compositions, graphics, and icons regularly.
As the resident designer, many other groups would often contact me for creative assistance with specialized projects, both screen, and print.
  • Creative lead designing email stationery templates for the At Home Advisor (AHA) college program.
  • Forged icons and team logo for Senior Advisor Specialist team.
  • Provided application icon refresh for AMR Support Programs.
  • Facilitated improved user experience for Firefly manager check-in tool.
  • Designed Apple Diversity logo for use on website, posters, and coffee mugs.
  • Contest winner for iApps group logo which was used on website, t-shirts, and coasters.
Invented a web-based tool (IDEA) for AppleCare employees to submit ideas that could better the company. These could range from process, product, or administrative changes. Submissions were evaluated by a committee for validity and feasibility and those whose ideas were accepted would win various prizes.
  • Conceived the name, acronym (Innovative, Descriptive, Effective, Achievable), and brand materials.
  • Produced graphics for the website using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.
  • Built front end website using HTML, CSS & JavaScript.
  • Finalized artwork for marketing materials such as t-shirts, posters, and fliers.


Josh is one of those ultra-solid designers who just constantly delivers well thought-out, quality work over, and over, and over again. Pretty much any design challenge type he takes on – visuals, brand, mobile, vision & strategy – he delivers above expectation.

I witnessed this first-hand after hiring him to help us with a suite of data analysis, reporting, and automated workflow products we were building to help top industry lenders and their customers. He ended up leading the design for our flagship products, navigating complex requirements and enterprise landscapes across multiple agile teams.

Josh is also just a blast to work with on a personal level. He’s got that calm, confident, upbeat style and demeanor which just makes the whole project and team run more smoothly. If you ever get the chance to hire this guy – just do it and consider yourself very lucky.
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Jason Kirst

Senior UX ManagerSAP
I had the pleasure to work with Josh while at We brought Josh on for his unique background and vast experience designing for real estate products. I commonly referred to him as a needle in a haystack for his SR product design solutions related to mortgage lenders, real estate investors and B2B real estate transactions. While we worked together on the Housecanary enterprise product offerings, Josh always took the challenges head on with a positive approach. He exhibited a clean, polished design aesthetic and his UX was backed by thoughtful research and comprehensive flows.

Josh would continually find opportunities to challenge himself in his current role. He never waited for work to be “assigned” to him, but instead, actively sought out ways to positively contribute to projects. He would be an impact addition to any design team.
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Dennis McNulty

Senior Design DirectorHouseCanary
Josh is a great designer. He thinks through not just the project on hand but what the feature he's working on can evolve to. Josh takes great initiatives to think about the entire ecosystem and if he sees something that can be improved, he goes ahead and designs it unprompted. Additionally, he's great at getting feedback from engineering early on so that his designs are not over complicated.
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Tiffany Yang

Senior Product ManagerAmazon
Practical yet beautiful designs, and a desire to approach problems holistically best describe Josh. He clearly cares about the user’s journey and works tirelessly to find the highest level of usability with elegant solutions. I can’t recommend him enough.
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Vivian Easley

Web Engineering ManagerHouseCanary
I’ve had the pleasure of working with Josh as a Designer and I highly recommend his amazing talent and skills in web design. Josh was our lead designer for a web tool development program for about a year and I was amazed at his talents in design, as well as his creativity. He has an amazing ability for design layout, functionality, as well as the technical skills to build out a very robust program. Josh would be an incredible asset to anyone who wants to design and develop world class websites.
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John McGimsey

Project ManagerApple