Who I am

I'm a 31 year old family man from Sacramento, CA. I design & develop cool things aimed at making a real difference in people's lives. Altogether, I've been designing for about 16 years, eight of which were for Apple Inc. For about a year now, I've been working as a UI/ Visual Designer at Clear Capital.

I also run my own design studio, Sroufe Design, as well as a website to help aspiring designers get more exposure in the design community, called Cribbble. Although Cribbble is a free service, donations are welcome to help keep it running.
—Thanks & enjoy!

What I do

I like to do things that ultimately help and influence others, putting focus on opportunities that not only fill a current void, but also encourage personal growth. I embrace these challenges and turn them into learning experiences, which end up characterizing who I am. When starting any new journey, I'll often utilize the following tools to help me reach my goals.

Where I live

As a family, we chose to live in Sacramento because activities are plentiful, and the area is nice! Honestly, how many places have decent weather year‐round and are also just a couple hours from the beach or snow? Here's what's happening now.

Sacramento, CA

Words I live by

How can I help

Let me know how we can change the world together!